Looking for people to jam/gig with

I have finally freed up most of my evenings and weekends and would love to find a few like minded (musically) souls who would like to meet and make some music together. I have a house in North Hollywood with a living room that could handle my percussion kit and about 4-5 other folks. 

My tastes run from Klezmer to rock to country. Basically I am open to a variety of genres so don’t prequalify yourself. 

Although I have giged a bit with some local groups, I only have about 4 years of experience. 

I am numerous years away from drinking, drugging and smoking cigarettes. Although I would rather be around folks don’t use any of these goodies, I have no problem with light social drinkers.

If you are interested in getting together for a jam session as a first step, please contact me. The easiest way is email: jason@thepercussionsection.com